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A shell wrapper for duplicity. Make sure to install duplicity before you start using this script. You'll need a backup server preferably providing for access through sftp/scp.

An example for a reliable online service would be Duplicity supports many other backends including ftp, rsync, dropbox and webdav (e.g. for using ownCloud or Nextcloud). Read the duplicity documentation and adjust the script settings accordingly.

By default this script creates an incremental backup. For this to work you'll need to successfully run the script at least once using the full option. The script makes sure that only one full backup exists at all times which already includes all related incremental backups.


The following packages have to be installed on either Debian or CentOS to use this script in connection with a backup service providing access through ssh/sftp.

On CentOS:

# yum install -y fuse-sshfs duplicity

On Debian:

# apt-get install -y sshfs duplicity


The repository contains a simple install script. It has to be executed as root and install the cron file and duplicity wrapper in the approriate locations using the correct permissions.

# git clone;
# cd duplicity-backup;
# bash;


    Usage: [options]
    help            Print help to standard output
    full            Create a full backup
    incremental     Create an incremental backup (default)
    nodeinfo        Display information of local node
    deleteold       Delete old backups on target storage
    status          Show status of backup collection
    list            List files inside backup collection
    cleanup         Clean up extraneous duplicity files
                      on target backend
    verify          Verify status of local files
                      comparing them with remote backup
    restore         Restore files from backup to
                      local file system

    The following commands accept arguments:

    [restore] path_to_file restore_location

    Where path_to_file is a relative path to a file
    or directory within the backup (see [list] command).
    The restore location has to be an absolute path
    on the local file system. The selected file|directory
    will be restored to that location during restore.


    [restore] var/lib/vz/dump /var/lib/vz/dump-restore

    This will restore all backups to a new directory.